Clubul de la Cheia
Victor Dan Zlătescu

About us

Founded in 2002, Clubul de la Cheia Victor Dan Zlătescu is a non-profit organization, which stood out both nationally and internationally through its research and advanced studies activities in the field of Comparative Law, European Law, International Law and Human Rights Law, organizing for more than two decades the courses of the International Summer University of Cheia for legal practitioners and scholars from all branches of law.


Victor Dan Zlătescu is considered to be the founder of the modern Romanian school of comparative law.

During his vast professional career, Victor Dan Zlătescu, titular member of the International Academy of Comparative Law of The Hague, worked as a law professor, judge at the Constitutional Court of Romania, judge at the Supreme Court of Romania, Head of Section and deputy President of the Legislative Council, chief consultant of the Arbitration Department within the Ministry of Mines and Electric Energy and as a barrister.

He was among the founders of the National School of Political and Administrative Sciences (SNSPA), the Ecological University of Bucharest (the first private university in Romania) and the Union of Democratic Jurists.